Online talk – Creature Comforts in Medieval Mid-Wales

Prof Marged Haycock is a native of Radnorshire and emeritus professor of Welsh, University of Aberystwyth, where she taught for 36 years, before teaching in the University of Vienna in 2016 to 2018. Her books on medieval Welsh poetry include Blodeugerdd Barddas o Ganu Crefyddol Cynnar (1994), Legendary Poems from the Book of Taliesin (2007, 2015), Prophecies from the Book of Taliesin (2013), and Cyfoeth y Testun (2003). She is the editor of the Radnorshire County History to be published in 2030.

The talk will examine how Welsh language poets depict ‘the good life’ in the gentry houses of late-medieval Mid-Wales, and will consider the value of this literary material as a historical source

To listen to this talk click here

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Cindy Holton
6 months ago

I’ve just booked a ticket – but can’t see how to join the call!

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