On-line talk Pilgrimage in Wales: then and now

Madeleine Gray is Professor Emerita of Ecclesiastical History at the University of South Wales. She has close links with a number of heritage and community organisations, including the Church Monuments Society. She has published extensively on late medieval and early modern history with a particular focus on visual and material evidence for the history of religious belief and practice. She appears regularly on television and radio, and is currently working on a survey of medieval tomb carvings in Wales

Pilgrimage has always been an important part of Welsh culture. The Welsh saints travelled, to Rome and to the Holy Land. In the Middle Ages, pilgrims flocked to shrines like St David’s and Holywell. More recently, pilgrimage has revived, for those of all faiths and none. Maddy Gray has led and researched several pilgrimages. In this lecture, she explores the long tradition of pilgrimage in Wales and considers what it still has to offer us.

To listen to the talk click here

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