Excavating a house platform at Cwmffwrn

We have begun to excavate a house platform at Cwmffwrn.  We held a public weekend on 24/25th June 2023 and had the pleasure of the company of members of the public, Trust volunteers, our professional supervisors – Jenny Hall and Martin Locock, and farmers Angela and Ian Lewis.  It was an excellent social occasion and we all learned so much from Jenny and Paul.

The focus of attention was the excavation of a house platform which had been identified by members of the Trust at Cwmffwrn Farm. The earthwork platform is thought to represent the site of a medieval or early post-medieval house and is considered to be of importance in understanding the settlement history of the area.

Trysor supervised members of the Trust and volunteers over a weekend’s excavation, stripping the topsoil off parts of the platform to reveal the archaeology beneath the surface. Evidence of a possible floor was revealed, and a posthole.

This year, the Trust have organised a second season of excavation to reveal more of the archaeology and investigate the site further. Members of the public will once again able to join us and Trysor on the dig as we seek to find out more. Information about our 2024 excavation and how to join us is given here.

Here are some photos and videos of the weekend.

Short video clips here:





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