Bronze Age/Drone Field School Oct 2021

Bronze Age tools

We held a really interesting Field School in October where Vic Pardoe explained how he has learned how to make Bronze Age tools using authentic techniques.  Vic also demonstrated the use of a drone to take aerial photographs to be processed by photogrammetry to create a 3D image of the ground surface.

The drone photogrammetry took place over an area of the upper Afon Dulas near Cefn Llech, where there are known to be standing stones and other ancient features.

Vic’s work suggested that there are a range of field patterns in this area including route ways, areas of historic turbary (peat cutting) and a possible building platform.

There are suggestions that this area formed part of the Home Grange of Cwmhir Abbey and Abbey Cwmhir Heritage Trust will continue to study the significance of features in this area to help to understand the history of the Abbey.

Following the Field School, we held a discussion about the results of the drone photogrammetry and this can be heard here:

Red ButtonVic at standing stone

Group at standing stone

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